Kauai Travel Itinerary: The Lesser Known Island Paradise

Kauai: The 'World's Most Stunning Backwater'?

A New York Times article, complete with a 36-hour itinerary, argues that Kauai -- a lesser known island paradise in Hawaii -- feels like the "world's most stunning backwater."

"These days," it argues, "Kauai sits firmly on the tourist radar, an indisputable rival of its famous neighbors, Oahu and Maui. But upon first glance at its unspoiled natural splendor, you'd never know it. A closer look at one of the oldest (geologically speaking) and arguably most beautiful of the major Hawaiian Islands reveals a blossoming culinary scene, a rooted arts community and a smattering of resorts."

Read the full article here and let us know your thoughts on Kauai.

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