Kavita Ramdas: 'Tiny Elite' Shouldn't Run Inequality Discussion

The Ford Foundation's Kavita Ramdas expressed her concern with the idea of a "tiny elite" driving the conversation on inequality during a discussion with HuffPost Live at Davos on Wednesday.

"One of the problems facing us is deep inequality, yet most of the people invited here, including myself, represent a tiny elite of the world's population," Ramdas told HuffPost Live. "So I sort of see it as being incumbent on me and many others of us who are here to at least try to bring in those other voices."

Ramdas also said she was "struck by the huge predominance of men in suits" at Davos, a potential problem in her opinion given the Forum's goal of addressing the plight of the global poor.

Perhaps Davos should reconsider who it invites to the event, she said.

"We have 'Young Global Leaders' and we have 'Global Shapers'. Why don't we just consider them as leaders, why can't they just be invited as regular people to the conference and sit at the table with us?"

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