Early-Blooming Cherry Trees Have Made This Town A Colorful Wonderland

Kawazu's flowers bloom a month earlier than those in the rest of Japan.
An undated photo showing the Nanohane railway in Kawazu.
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An undated photo showing the Nanohane railway in Kawazu.

The Japanese town that’s home to a special variety of early-blooming cherry blossoms is bursting with the gorgeous pink blossoms this week.

The early blooming cherry blossoms started to bloom🌸 河津桜満開🌸

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Kawazu, which is about a 3-hour train ride from Tokyo, is known for the Kawazu sakura cherry blossoms. They start blooming in February, around a month before most of the cherry blossoms in the rest of Japan.

The town has about 8,000 of the trees, and their yearly cherry blossom festival usually attracts around a million people, according to Kawazu’s official website.


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Obviously, people are taking pictures.

*:..。♡*゚ 春うらら♡ *

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A lot of pictures.

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How can you visit a place like this and not Instagram it?

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This year’s festival is underway through March 10, so there’s still technically time to go. Otherwise, you can just enjoy the awesome photos like the rest of us.

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