Kayak 'Stairlift' Ad Gets Nowhere With Critics Who See Senior Abuse (VIDEO)

Is Kayak up a creek for its recent ad? The travel aggregator has been scolded for its treatment of an elderly character in a spot called "Stairlift."

The commercial (watch above) features a middle-aged man who's too busy hunting for hotels online to stand up, so he takes his mother's chairlift up the stairs. His wife suggests that he try Kayak. Still on the lift, he passes his wheezing mom, who's bracing herself against the rail, and tells her about the deal he just found.

"Horribly tasteless," "disgusting" and "inhumane" were among the reviews shared by visitors on the company's Facebook page. "I don’t think it’s funny at all that the man uses the stairlift and lets his old mom walk up the stairs. What does this is say about respecting our elders?" wrote one commenter at MarketMeNot.Com

But some accused critics of being fuddy-duddies. "Lighten up," one YouTube visitor urged. "It's funny precisely because it is insensitive."

Should Kayak's ad take a permanent vacation? Let us know in the comments section below.



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