Olivier Feuillette Turns Kayak Into Human-Powered Submarine (VIDEO)

It looks like something Jules Verne might have cooked up for Captain Nemo.

A man named Olivier Feuillette has built a kayak that converts into a human-powered submarine. It appears to work, it looks really cool and the video of Feuillette and his creation is causing a huge ripple through the Internet.

Watch above as Feuillette unloads the one-man gizmo off a trailer, takes off kayaking, puts away his paddle and then opens the hatch to nestle into the cockpit. Then the underwater adventure begins. The human-powered sub appears to move forward via an extended fish-tail rudder that sways just like a fish.

According to Kayak Session, Feuillette, a "kayaking legend," has been working on his sub for a few years.

On Thursday, a user under the name Olivier Feuillette told extremely curious YouTube viewers how he breathes while submerged: "Air comes from a cylinder, over flow comes out. For long dive co2 filter is used i am talking over 2/3 hours. The pressure is equalized so scuba rules are apply, same for depth."

The Huffington Post has reached out to the YouTube poster for more information. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.



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