Kayak, Rescued Hedgehog, Is So Cute And Inspiring We Almost Can't Handle It (VIDEO)

Rescued Hedgehog Is So Cute And Inspiring We Almost Can't Handle It

What's cuddly, but also spiky, with a superhero cape and a miniature skateboard? Why, Kayak the Hedgehog, of course!

The adorable baby hedgehog was rescued recently by members of the Hedgehog Welfare Society after he got sick and his owner decided he couldn't take care of him anymore.

In a video posted to YouTube on Oct. 10, an unidentified member of Hedgehog Welfare explained how weak Kyak was when he first arrived and how he could barely walk.

They took Kayak to the vet, and the "vet just fell in love with him because he was so little and so cute, and because he tried so hard," said the Hedgehog Welfare worker in the video.

Sweet, shy and very determined, Kayak began to recover after being put on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication. He got a lot of help, too, from dedicated volunteers who fed the little creature every three hours.

Today, Kayak is a "normal, healthy little hedgehog," according to the video.

He even inspired his caretakers with his indomitable spirit.

"Kayak has taught me never to give up, and if you fall, fall with enthusiasm," the Hedgehog Welfare volunteer said. "And then get back up and try again."

(Hat tip, MSN)

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