Watch Kayakers Plunge Down A Raging Waterfall In Australia

"It's all calculated risk," Lachie Carracher said.

Talk about going over the edge.

Pro kayakers Lachie Carracher and Andrew Hemmerle splashed into viral fame this week by plunging down the raging Dangar Falls near Dorrigo, Australia. (See the video below.)

The two recalled their daredevilry on the Australian talk show “Today” on Tuesday.

“It’s all calculated risk,” said Carracher, who sported wounds on his face from hitting his kayak.

Torrential rains powered the surging water, but Hemmerle also downplayed the stunt.

“It’s not that dangerous,” he said, but wouldn’t recommend the maneuver for novices.

Carracher has attempted similar thrill-seeking before at Dangar Falls.

Some estimates put the drop at about 98 feet.

As one host said: “Don’t try this at home.”