Twins Tortured; Infant Strangled On Christmas: Cops

Chilling details have emerged in the case of a Montana couple accused in the death of their 10-week-old son.

Billings police arrested Brandon T. Edwards, 28, and Kayla Jean Edwards, 23, on Christmas when their infant son had to be rushed to the hospital after he stopped breathing. Police immediately determined that the child's injuries were suspicious and took the couple into custody.

One officer who responded to the scene said the baby had turned blue. Investigators also found bruises on the dead boy's twin sister, according to KTVQ.

The child suffered severe brain bleeding as a result of his injuries and had to be transported to Denver Children's Hospital, where he died Saturday after being taken off life support. Pediatric neurosurgeons determined his brain injuries were inoperable and his brain was no longer functioning, according to the Montana Standard.

Both parents initially faced aggravated assault charges, but on Monday, Kayla Edwards was also charged with deliberate homicide of a minor. Although they denied the allegations at first, under questioning both parents admitted that they'd hurt their children, court documents said.

Brandon Edwards later broke down sobbing and admitted he heard his wife yell at the baby to "shut up," followed by Kayla Edwards hitting the baby in the back of the head and choking him with her hands... He also told investigators that he and his wife had tortured the babies by turning their car seats upside down with them strapped inside.

Kayla Edwards said she slapped the boy "really hard" on the back of the head, and then strangled him because he wouldn't stop crying on Christmas.

Kayla Edwards and Brandon Edwards remain at the Yellowstone County Jail. The state took custody of their surviving child.



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