Kayla Loves The Moon So Much, She Wants To Catch It (VIDEO)

WATCH: Little Girl Tries To Catch The Moon

No matter how far little Kayla reaches -- or how high she tries to jump -- she just can't catch the moon.

That doesn't make her attempts any less endearing.

In this swoon-worthy YouTube video, the pink-clad, stuffed-animal-toting toddler converses with her dad, who encourages her to reach for the moon before eventually agreeing with her that it's a lost cause, and she should say "goodbye."

Since being uploaded on Friday, the clip -- which denmoff77 posted alongside links to the Lunar and Planetary Institute and its moon-themed site, MyMoonspace.com -- has racked up almost 300,000 views.

On Reddit, denmoff elaborated on the video, explaining that the pair "go through this routine every single day."

"She will go on and on about the moon and not being able to get it whether I ask or not. I usually just 'okay' her until she stops. But this time I played around with her a bit. She enjoys it. She's 2."

He also thanked other Redditors for their lunar picture book and gadget suggestions -- not to mention the apparent offer of a NASA facilities tour. It's not a trip to the moon itself... but hey, it's something.

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