Report: Kayleigh McEnany Voted By Mail 11 Times In Last 10 Years

The White House press secretary railed against allowing Americans to vote by mail even as she's taken advantage of it numerous times in the last decade.

Like her boss, President Donald Trump, Kayleigh McEnany has been speaking out against letting Americans vote by mail in the next election.

And like her boss, the White House press secretary has protested against mail-in votes despite doing it numerous times in the past.

Florida voting records show that McEnany, a native of Tampa, has voted by mail in 11 elections in the last 10 years, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

This revelation came on Tuesday, the same day that McEnany took to Twitter to list what she claimed were problems with mail-in ballots.

It was also the same day that the president got in a tizzy after Twitter added fact checks to his tweets, flagging his incorrect information about mail-in voting.

McEnany did not respond to HuffPost’s inquiry about her extensive experience with voting by mail.

Last week, McEnany attempted to justify the president’s own mail-in voting history by saying he “had to” because he was unable to cast his ballot in Florida, which he lists as his official residence and frequently visits.

Trump has threatened to withhold federal funds from Nevada and Michigan if they send citizens applications to vote by mail, citing without evidence a risk of voter fraud. “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said on the show that “there really is no record of massive fraud or even serious fraud from mail-in voting.”

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