Kazakhstan Youth Hockey Brawl: Burabay, Astana Fight After Game (VIDEO)

Enormous Brawl Breaks Out Between Youth Hockey Teams

Shaking hands with the opposing team is a universal act of postgame sportsmanship (except in baseball when the winners shake their own teammates' hands). From grizzled veterans playing for money not love all the way down to... let's say the 9-year-old hockey players in the clip above, the sanctity of the handshake line transcends borders and various types of athletics.

Nevertheless, players in a youth hockey game in Kazakhstan between Burubay and Astana became embroiled an enormous brawl after a recent game. The fracas was sparked when a player from the victorious Astana side apparently said something that a Burubay player couldn't let slide. Next thing you know, the insulted boy dropped his tiny gloves and started fighting the Astana player.

Soon enough, players from both sides were throwing punches. At one point, an Astana player appears to have pinned a Burubay player down and punched him in the head repeatedly.

The referees and coaches separated the players and toward the end of the video, but you could hear some of the people in the crowd start cheering!


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