Radio Host Surprises 89-Year-Old Grandmother With Major Home Renovation

It's not on 34th Street, but in Aurora, Colo. a 89-year-old woman experienced an $80,000 miracle on Thursday: a surprise renovation on her house.

Unbeknownst to Vivian Gallegos, her granddaughter Stacy Salazar had won the home renovation because of a heartfelt post on a local radio host's Facebook page.

Denver KBPI radio personality Willie B had asked listeners on his Facebook page, “If money was of no object, what would you do?” While most people responded saying they would go to Vegas, or take a vacation, Salazar's response caught Willie B's eye.

Though the Facebook post has since been removed, this is what Salazar said, according to a report by KDVR:

Replace the carpets for my 90 year old Grammy and fixing all the little things around her house. Just a small thank you for not giving us kids up for foster care when our parents died.

According to the radio station, Salazar's story even went a little beyond what she had disclosed in her post.

When Stacy was 7 years old, her single mother was murdered. With no one else to turn to, her 71 year old grandma took her and her younger siblings in and raised them. Stacy’s Grandpa was battling Parkinson’s Disease at the time and spent a majority of his days confined to a bed or wheelchair. He passed away seven years later. Grandma had her hands full and never had the money for repairs around her home. “Grandma” is now 89 years old and the house needs a lot of maintenance. Stacy wanted to buy new carpet for her grandma since the carpet was over 40 years old.

Head over to KBPI to see the before and after photos of the house.

Fifteen contractors pitched in to help and worked on the house from Dec. 13-19, and on the last day, they gave the house back to Gallegos in tip top shape.



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