KC James And Ry Doon Describe The 'Pandemonium' Of Being A Vine Star

For Vine personalities like KC James and Ry Doon, who have millions of followers on the social media app, posting hilarious six-second videos has given them a shot at fame. In a HuffPost Live interview, the pair discussed their newfound celebrity and their interactions with their die-hard fan bases.

“If you go out of your room to the lobby and try to get a Starbucks, it can turn into pandemonium,” James told host Alyona Minkovski.

Most of the chaos is fueled by zealous fans looking to snap a photo with the online personalities.

“[There are] a lot of selfies,” Doon added.

Despite the craziness, James said that he loves being approached by fans because it gives him an opportunity to put a face to the users with whom they interact online.

“It’s cool because you get to see a lot of people who know your videos that you might not actually know about because when you see comments online, you don’t look at them sometimes as real people,” he said. “But when you see 50 people that know your lines from your videos, it’s super cool.”

As much as they love their fans, James and Doon said greeting their fans’ parents is actually the most exciting part of the gig.

“That’s, like, the biggest compliment,” they chimed in unison.

Learn more about life as a Vine star by clicking here to check out HuffPost Live's conversation with KC James and Ry Doon.

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