Lisa Irwin's Mom, Deborah Bradley, Admits She Was Drunk When Her Baby Vanished (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mom Says She Was Drunk When Baby Lisa Vanished

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The mother of a baby who went missing from her Kansas City home two weeks ago says she was drunk when the girl disappeared.

Deborah Bradley told NBC's "Today" show Monday that the night her baby, Lisa Irwin, disappeared she had bought wine and consumed "enough to be drunk."

Bradley says police asked her if she killed Lisa, who was 10 months old when she disappeared Oct. 4. She says she doesn't "think alcohol changes a person enough to do something like that."

During the interview, Bradley broke down in tears, saying that she's afraid police will arrest her.

"If they arrest me, people are going to stop looking for her," Bradley said, "and then I'll never see her again."

Last week, relatives released home videos of Baby Lisa playing with toys and eating while Bradley cooed at her off-camera. The family made the footage available to increase awareness about the case.

Hundreds of state and federal law enforcement officers have been involved in the search for Lisa, but have turned up no evidence pointing to her whereabouts. On Saturday, Missouri Gov. announced that he'd deploy 25 members of the National Guard to join the hunt for Lisa.


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