How The Cast Members Of 'K.C. Undercover' Detox From Their Devices

Even Disney Channel stars need a detox from their devices.

What do the cast members of "K.C. Undercover" do when they want to get away from technology? With summer vacation still going strong, the Disney stars shared with HuffPost Teen how they make the most of their summer trips by taking a step back from their devices. So how does Zendaya, who stars as K.C. Cooper herself, spend her time away from technology?

"Giving back!" she told HuffPost. "I am spending part of my summer in South Africa working with the UNAIDS Foundation to help spread awareness about HIV/AIDS. I spent an amazing day at the University of Johannesburg meeting the beautiful young people of South Africa and dancing with Nico and Vinz."

Veronica Dunne, who plays K.C.'s BFF Marisa, said she enjoys "turning everything off and just being in nature." 

"I also love to read," she said.

Trinitee Stokes said pulling the plug on technology made a recent family trip to Jamaica that much sweeter.

"We turned off our cell phones and focused on our family and trying things at the resort that we wouldn't normally try," she said.

Kamil McFadden explained how cutting down on his cell phone use encourages more face-to-face interaction with his friends -- with no beeping and buzzing to distract from quality time.

"When I hang out with my friends, I make it a point to limit the amount of time I'm on my phone," he said.  

With some inspiration from the cast of "K.C. Undercover," taking a step back from technology can be pretty easy.

The next episode of Zendaya's spy comedy "K.C. Undercover" is centered around the family's much needed vacation from spy work, which is spoiled when K.C. is determined to find a missing heiress.  The episode, "K.C. and the Vanishing Lady," will air as part of the special "Whodunit?" weekend event premiering Friday, July 24 - Sunday, July 26 (8:00 p.m. ET/PT) on Disney Channel, which features all new mystery themed episodes of Disney's hit shows. Fans can see the full schedule on Disney Channel's website.

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