KCRW's Left Right & Center 04.17.09

KCRW's Left Right & Center 04.17.09
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Tax Tea Parties; EPA/CO2; CIA/Torture; Raul Castro

Was it the voice of the people or the voice of right-wing radio?Arianna says there were too many messages and none rang true - protesters will be getting tax cuts, the government grew gigantic under GOP's reign; and the lack of regulation caused the problems the government is stepping in to correct. The EPA now has the power to regulate CO2 emissions as a health hazard--will the agency become all-powerful or is this decision a bargaining chip to finally force Congress to legislate carbon tax or cap and trade laws? About the torture memos, both Bob and Arianna think their release was the right thing to do-- but not to prosecute is a violation of Obama's principles. Is it Morning in Havana? Raul Castro now tells the US that everything's on the table, let's talk.

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