Keane, 'Disconnected' Music Video: Band Releases '70s Horror Movie-Inspired Video

Keane's new video for their latest single "Disconnected" looks like it could have been a deleted scene from 1979's "Amityville Horror."

Inspired by '70s horror classics, the video was filmed in an actual haunted house in Barcelona, Spain.

The visuals for "Disconnected," the second single off the British band's latest album Strangeland, were co-directed by Spanish directors Juan Antonio Bayona and Sergio G Sanchez. Baynoa and Sanchez both worked together on 2007 horror movie "The Orphanage."

Fans of Keane may notice that the band's new material is geared heavily toward the pop-rock sound of their last album Perfect Symmetry, but the band has said that there will be elements from their first two studio albums on Strangeland.

"Sonically, I think it's probably close to Under The Iron Sea," bandmate Tim Rice-Oxley said during a 50 Fan Questions video segment. "I think there are elements of all three albums as you'd expect, but I think Under The Iron Sea had a very good balance of that really strong, emotional core but also some amazing soundscape and a lot of energy peeks and also some really intimate moments like 'Hamburg Song' and 'Try Again.'"

Keane also cited The Vaccines and their debut album as an inspiration for Strangeland, which eventually led them to work with The Vaccines producer Dan Grech.

Earlier this month, Keane released the music video for Strangeland's lead single "Silenced By The Night."