Keanu Reeves Knows Exactly Which Marvel Superhero He Would Love To Play

The actor's pick perfectly aligns with one of his passions in life.

From a swift, gun-toting revenge-seeking assassin to a loveable time-traveling goofball, Keanu Reeves has played an array of iconic characters throughout his more than 30-year-long career.

During a recent interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the actor revealed that there’s one role he’s yet to play that his younger self would love to see him take on.

While sharing details of his “nerdy” comic-book-loving childhood with Kimmel, the host asked the “John Wick” star which character a 10-year-old Reeves would want to play.

“10-year-old Reeves would want to... I think he’d probably want to be Ghost Rider,” Reeves replied.

Ghost Rider, also known as Johnny Blaze, is a motorcycle stuntman most recognizable by his flaming skull for a head and fiery motorcycle. In the comics, he sells his soul to a demon named Mephisto upon learning that his foster father is afflicted with a terminal disease in exchange for a cure.

Actor Nicolas Cage took on the character in the 2007 “Ghost Rider” film and its sequel in 2012.

Chatter about Reeves portraying the demonic superhero has been circulating for years. In 2019, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said the studio was talking to Reeves “for almost every film we make.”

“We talk to him for almost every film we make,” Feige said at the time. “I don’t know when, if, or ever he’ll join the MCU, but we very much want to figure out the right way to do it.”

Reeves boasts a massive badass motorcycle collection in real life, which prompted fans to eagerly point to him as an ideal pick for the role of the flaming leather-clad skeleton.

Although Marvel Studios has remained tight-lipped as to whether they have offered him any specific superhero roles, Netflix announced in July that Reeves is set to star in both a film and anime series based on his “BRZRKR” comic series.

Comics have long been one of Reeves’ passions, with the leading man attributing his “nerdy” side to his obsession with comic books at a young age.

“I might’ve lost my nerd card when I got older because when I was younger — I was pretty freaking nerdy with the comics,” Reeves told Kimmel.

An official release date for Reeves’ on-screen adaptation of “BRZRKR,” which follows an immortal warrior known as Berzerker as he fights his way through the ages, has yet to be announced.

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