Keanu Reeves Is The Neo Face Of Saint Laurent

The 54-year-old actor appears in two new photos for the iconic fashion house.

It seems like only yesterday (or, more accurately, two weeks ago) that the internet suddenly remembered Keanu Reeves is a heartthrob. Now he’s a heartthrob wearing Saint Laurent.

The 54-year-old (yes, really) “John Wick” star is the iconic fashion house’s newest scruffy face, according to the two black-and-white photos it shared on Instagram Tuesday. Pictured is a Pensive Keanu (a close relative of Sad Keanu) in all black. In another shot, he’s wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Come to think of it, he looks a whole lot like an updated and arguably much more fashionable version of Thomas A. Anderson, or Neo, his famous character in “The Matrix.”

Fans praised Saint Laurent for choosing Reeves in the comments section of each photo, celebrating Reeves’ look but also his character, which the internet seems to agree is, well, very good.

Take for example the charity he reportedly set up in secret to help fund cancer research, or the time he reportedly waited 20 minutes to get into an after party for his own movie, or the time he committed the ultimate subway selflessness when he offered up his seat on the train to a fellow rider.

A good man in a good leather jacket? Yes, please.