Keanu Reeves Hailed A Hero On 'The View' For Dating Someone His Own Age

Panelists on "The View" discussed the disappointing reality that such behavior should be deemed heroic.

Keanu Reeves is being applauded for doing something that should be pretty normal.

The co-hosts on “The View” discussed on Monday the enormous reaction elicited by the actor’s recent red carpet appearance with artist Alexandra Grant.

“People are calling 55-year-old movie star Keanu Reeves a hero. Why? Because he showed up on the red carpet with a woman he’s dating, who happens to be around his age. She’s actually 9 years younger, but he’s becoming like the poster child for a guy who’s really great because he goes out with a woman whose like around his age,” panelist Joy Behar said at the beginning of the segment.

The “John Wick” actor, who was already somewhat of an internet hero (sometimes referred to as the “internet’s boyfriend” for his consistently wholesome behavior), was hailed for his age-appropriate dating choice on social media after the appearance.

The panel on the daytime talk show discussed the reaction, which largely included praise for Reeves having chosen a woman in his own age group ― a stark contrast to Hollywood’s norm. 

“Hugh Hefner was 60 years older than his last wife,” Behar said. 

She went on to rally off a long list of dramatic age differences in Hollywood relationships.

“Dennis Quade, 65. Engaged to a 26-year-old. Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones ― 25 years. Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin ― 26 year difference. Billy Joel ― 33 years. David Fister and Catherine McPhee ― 34 years,” she said.

“That’s the difference... You can see why they call this guy a hero when you hear this.”

Reeves, who is famously private, had not stepped out with a partner in more than three decades. Grant is an accomplished artist and collaborated on Reeves’ book “Ode to Happiness,” which was published in 2011. The two longtime friends have reportedly been dating in secret for several months.

See the segment on “The View” below.