Keecker, The Robotic Butler Of The Future, Will Change Home Entertainment Forever

If you hear the word "butler" and think of someone like Bruce Wayne's debonaire house manager Alfred, then boy do we have news for you. Thanks to an ex-Googler, traditional butlers who answer the door for guests, serve meals and perform various household duties are becoming, simply put, so yesterday.

The Wall-E look-alike, which is essentially a cordless Android-based projector robot, will follow you around the house for entertainment purposes, ready to transform any wall into a screen for watching movies, checking email and more. And since it can sync with your smartphone and respond to your voice, the currently 16-inch by 25-inch Roomba-like device almost seems worth the estimated $4,000 to $5,000 it will cost you when it hits the market late this year.

But that's not all Keecker can do -- as revealed at CES 2014, former Google product manager Pierre Lebeau's brainchild will be able to offer six speakers worth of sound, map a user's house and remember preferences, measure the house's CO2 levels and temperature, alert homeowners to unusual activity when they aren't home and be smart enough to know when people come over. And at that point, it'll be able to document the fun by taking pictures (because why not).

Like we said, definitely not your superhero's butler.

H/T to Fast Company for introducing us to the awesome machine.

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