Gay Rugby Player Keegan Hirst Strips Down For Sizzling Photo Spread

Tuxedo shirts are always best worn by pro athletes in a hot shower.

Britain's first openly gay rugby league player seems to be relishing his newfound sex symbol status, and we're loving every second of it. 

In this behind-the-scenes video, Keegan Hirst, who is a prop forward for the Batley Bulldogs in West Yorkshire, England, stripped down to a tiny pair of Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs for a smoldering spread in Attitude magazine's upcoming Awards issue. The clip also shows the beefy athlete, 27, stepping into the shower in a tuxedo shirt which gets progressively more clingy as the water descends. 

In his Attitude interview, Hirst says not much has changed in his day-to-day life since he came out publicly in August. 

“I haven’t really experimented,” he said. “It’s not like I started going around the gay scene or anything. I still go out where I’d normally go. I have a couple mates that I got to know quite recently. But before I didn’t know anybody who was gay. It was like going from one extreme to another, from zero to one hundred.”

No complaints here! 

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