Keeland Rose 'Undroppable': Teen Shares Story Of Growing Up With Drug Use

This video is part of "Undroppable," a documentary project from @Jason_Pollock that tells the stories of young people who have overcome significant obstacles to graduate from high school.

Keeland Rose's story is both heartbreaking and hopeful. He grew up with a mother who was addicted to crack and was homeless at age 17. After being kicked out of a series of foster homes, he ended up in jail three times. But Keeland doesn't feel defeated by his difficult childhood and the obstacles he continues to face, which include gang-related pressures and struggling to graduate.

"My dream is to be a famous rapper," he says, "To leave this world knowing I achieved something, that I made people happy, and that I made myself happy."

Watch the video above to hear Keeland tell his story, and visit the "Undroppable" YouTube channel for more videos.

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