Keep America Great: Vote Hillary Clinton

The Civil Rights Movement. Do you remember when you learned about it? To me, that was the greatest of the greatness of America.

That was what inspired me about our country, gave me pride, taught me to respect and revere our leaders, even those with whom I did not agree.

Not the World Wars (into which we were reluctantly and tardily dragged), not the Cold War (for the end of which we give ourselves too much), certainly not the financial innovations... but Civil Rights.

All Men Are Created Equal.
It took us almost 200 years to even come close to realizing that self-evident truth.

We have a long, LONG way to go, but we are moving forward believe it or not. The steps of those who walked beside Thurgood Marshall's long, steady road for justice - and to justice - moved us along and many have continued the journey.

On Election Day, we have a choice:

1. A man who represents - in symbol, in action, and in words - the very opposite of this great America. A man who would sacrifice every gain We, The People have made in service of He, The Man. A man unworthy of our greatness.


2. A woman who has dedicated her life to public service (you may think some was also dedicated to her own service, but, frankly, if you want a 100% selfless president, he's about to leave office).
A woman who has faced more obstacles, baseless hatred and blind derision than anyone I've seen since that Civil Rights era. She has faced them with a grace and a passion and a dignity I dare say few of us could muster.

A woman whose very ascension - yes, as a woman - will accelerate our sprint towards the greatness that we have long pursued. A greatness we may not deserve, but a greatness we must demand, from leaders, our future and ourselves.

Vote Hillary Clinton 2016