How To Prevent Mascara That Runs, Eyeliner That Smudges And Eyeshadow That Fades

How To Make Your Mascara, Eyeliner And Eyeshadow Stay Put

It's gross out (again) here in the Northeast, which makes wearing eye makeup while trekking through the snow and freezing rain almost impossible. Between the winter precipitation and excessive sweating from all the warm layers, it only takes a few minutes for our eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow to end up all over our faces.

Well, we have reached our breaking point and am pretty sure you have, too. So we decided to consult our resident beauty guru and HuffPost Live makeup artist Kari Bauce to tackle solutions to three common problems: mascara that runs, eyeliner that smudges and eyeshadow that fades.

runny mascara

smudged eyeliner

fading eyeshadow

The more you know...

Freeze Your Eyeliner

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