Keep Your Eyeliner In Place With...Vaseline?

We can't help but do a dance each time we apply eyeliner perfectly without going to extreme measures. (Dolly Parton's burnt match and Taylor Swift's Sharpie eyeliner tricks are cray!) Yet, we feel so bummed once our eye makeup starts running.

Desperate to try just about anything to keep our eyeliner in place, we turned to celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff who shared a tip she picked up from fellow beauty pros. "Dab a Q-tip into a little Vaseline or petroleum jelly, then rub it along the waterline and tear ducts. This will keep your eyeliner or smokey eye from bleeding," said Sheriff.

For an even more flawless finish, Sheriff suggests using a face wipe. "Fold it into a triangle shape to clean up your eyeliner and get that perfect angle," she explained.

While the thought of slathering on Vaseline around our eyes isn't very appealing, we're happy to report that it gets the job done. Plus, it adds a gleaming touch.

How do you keep your eyeliner in place? Tell us in the comments section.

Here's some inspiration on how to frame your eyelids:

Eyeliner Icons

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