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Weight Loss: Keep It Simple -- Put Your Health First

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Most weight loss programs, in my opinion, are difficult to follow and are often very restrictive, requiring a great deal of discipline, which makes them unsustainable over the long term. Fad diets almost always fail. They are not realistic for healthy living, and they are focused on the "quick fix."

We are constantly bombarded with the latest "theme of the month": fat is bad for you... fat is good for you... too much salt is bad... salt is not bad for you... eat fruit and vegetables... fruit is bad for you... All this information overload breeds confusion.

We often hear, "keep it simple." Keeping things simple leads to success. A few simple "rules," some educational tips, and your weight loss goals can be achieved.

Keep It Simple: It Works!

  1. Make healthier choices
  2. Be mindful of portion size
  3. Budget your food groups
  • Unlimited vegetables, four fruit portions a day
  • Unlimited healthy chicken and turkey
  • 3 or 4 healthy starch "portions" a day (woman 3, men 4)
  • 3 low fat dairy products a day
  • 3 meat "portions" a week
  • 3 cheese "portions" a week
  • 3 fish "portions" a week
  • 4 eggs per week
  • handful of nuts and seeds per day
  • 3 meals a day (protein with each meal)
  • 4 snacks a day, "strategically placed throughout the day" to avoid hunger.
  • Alcohol: 4 drinks per week for female, 7 for a male.
  • This is the core material of a HEALTH FIRST Program; Achieving a Healthier Life

    Why is this approach simple? You never have to count calories, and there is no keeping track of points.

    Our lives are becoming more hectic, with work demands increasing, more commuting and travel time and for many, greater family responsibilities. However, I believe that becoming more mindful of portion size, purposefully making healthy instead of unhealthy food choices, you will achieve your weight loss goals.


    My previous blog focused on sugars, and I gave you some great tips on where bad sugars lurk in foods that are marketed as being "healthy." Some great pictures and easy math will turn you into an awesome "sugar detective." Then stay tuned for myths about exercise and weight loss, and some great hints on how to incorporate physical activity and exercise into your life permanently.

    "What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals." -- Goethe

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