Keep Mme. Le Pen Away From Legitimate French Society

Keep Mme. Le Pen Away From Legitimate French Socety
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There are several reasons why Marine Le Pen should not be elected president 0f France, apart rom the fact that she has headed a neo-Fascist political party that was founded by her father, the former military officer and parliamentry deputy, Jean-Marie Le Pen.

The French are a people who respect history and tradition, though there is a contradictory iconoclasm fostered by a strand of the French Revolution.

By extension, there is a French respect for families and family traditions. Therefore, to my mind, it s unthinkable that a presidential candidate whose father urinated on Algerian prisoners of war during the revolt of 1954-1962, and in addition denied the Holocaust as a “point of detail” in history, should accede to the magicof the Frech presidency and live in the residence known as the Elysee Palace.

Furthermore, since the strengthening of the French presidency by Charles de Gaulle, it matters more than ever who is at the head of France. Europe can exist without Britain, but it cannot exist without France. Mme Le Pen wants to withdraw France from the European Union.

So the wartchword for the My 7 runoff election should be a rallying around a unifying candidate, Emmanuel Macron, whose family roots go back to rural southwest France and thus appeal to the French mythology of the virtues of peasant life, while at the sane time repreesentng what is a unique French meritocracy.

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