Keep on chopping! Why it's critical to give your advertising time.


Advertising is a lot like chopping down a tree. Unless you're Paul Bunyan, you're probably not going to bring the tree down with one swing of the axe. It takes multiple tries, each swing whittling down the wood a little more than the time before, until the tree finally comes down, and the fruits of your labor are realized. The moral of the analogy? Persistence pays off.

No company skyrockets to Nike or McDonald's levels of fame with the airing of one commercial. It takes repeated effort and a sustained investment to get your messaging across. Sadly, the only part of the analogy that doesn't extend to advertising is that consumers are often even more stubborn than trees. While it might take 10 swings to chop down a tree, it might take 20 commercials before a consumer finally listens and acts upon your calls to action.

Consumers have notoriously short attention spans, exacerbated even more in today's digital age. With ubiquitous distractions such as cell phones and laptops always grappling for attention, it's increasingly difficult to get your messaging across. It's frustrating, sure. But as a marketer, the struggle to communicate shouldn't weaken your resolve -- it should embolden it. After all, converting new consumers isn't an option -- it's essential to the survival of your business.

The struggle to win new customers isn't exactly new. While the Internet has made many of us more cynical, consumers have always had a difficult time embracing change. One of the pillars of the U.S. economy is competition. If there's a market out there, you can bet multiple businesses are vying for share. With so many options, change can be overwhelming, and therefore it's often met with resistance.

Fortunately, the flip-side to stubbornness is loyalty. Once customers have a positive experience with your business, the likelihood of them returning is great. The likelihood of them sharing their experience with friends on social media, arguably the most effective form of advertising, is significant too. That's why the value of a lifelong customer is so immense -- and why you should never give up on your advertising.

A smart way to skirt the issues that frustrate many businesses is to diversify your media buys. Advertising on multiple platforms and devices, particularly the laptops and smartphones highlighted above, will broaden your reach and help make your messaging stick. Research and consider the places where your consumers go, both in the real and digital worlds, as potential homes for your ads. For example, if your customers are fishing enthusiasts, purchase Google ads for people searching for fishing supplies or popular lakes in your area. Be smart and resourceful, and measure the efficacy of your ads whenever possible to maximize results.

If you ever get stuck, contact the marketing experts at Rebuild Nation. We'll help you craft a custom advertising campaign that delivers results for a price you can afford.