Keep on Scribbling - Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Writing on Track


A Weekly Blog
by Author Jody B. Miller

​I am starting this weekly blog so that you can follow along with my specific progress as a writer and to garner tips and tricks for your own writing career. I hope you enjoy it and that you come away with ways to move your projects forward.

SHIFT: How Change Can Bring True Meaning to Your Work and Life is complete (!!!), Copy Edited and delivered to my Publisher.

I am not telling you this for you to jump up and down for me (even though I am for myself because it took a long time to complete). I am sharing this with you to let you know that if you have a story, an article, a book that you haven't finished - finish it.

The journey will have many curves along the road, but I promise that when you step over that finish line, not only is all the time and stress worth it, you will gain an elevated sense of self that propels you forward in ways you never imagined.

While I wait to see SHIFT on shelves and platforms worldwide, I am already working on the first two books in my Page Turner Quick Read Series and have added three more chapters to my novel LOCK BRIDGE. I have been to Paris twice now to do research for the novel.

Meanwhile, my other books continue to be read every week around the world. Thank you to all of my readers!

I would like to offer some ways I move my writing projects forward each day, which keeps me motivated. I hope they help you too!


  • I got up early (5-5:30am), had coffee in bed and appreciated the day. It puts me in the right mood to write.
  • I wrote several chapters for the first book in my Page Turner Quick Read Series™ and three more chapters for my second novel, LOCK BRIDGE. How?
  • I found several hours twice each day where I did not look at email or do laundry or clean. I sat in a comfortable room (I like to write on my bed if possible), had my puppies around me, a tall glass of water and a few snacks. I settled in and wrote.
  • I edited one or more of my projects a minimum of one hour a day, every day.
  • I created another mock-up cover for SHIFT. This was my free flow break.
  • I wrote an article for one of my publications (Huffington Post, LinkedIn, Gociety) and sent a query to another publication with ideas of articles I might write for them.
  • I did moderate exercise every day (mostly early morning). Jogging, weights, circuit, sailing and fast walking, pilates.
  • I took a short power nap between writing blocks most days.
  • When my writing mind said enough, I shifted to marketing mode.


  • I arranged to speak at a spiritual retreat in January where I will talk about SHIFT. One of the stories in my book is a big believer in various forms of yoga.
  • I met with a videographer and we will be filming a 90 second video about SHIFT next week that will go up on my Author site ( and my YouTube page in mid-September.
  • I gathered a partial list of company and organization contacts where I would add value by speaking at their event or company gathering.
  • I reached out to 50 print/magazine editors with a pre-release press release.


  • Don't criticize your writing - just write.
  • If you don't realize your word count on any one day, don't get upset.
  • Take a nap if you need one. It recharges the creative juices.
  • Try something knew this month. I am learning to sail. It engages the mind and you will be surprised what great ideas pop up for your writing when you aren't trying so hard.
  • Find a good Copy Editor so that you turn in an excellent manuscript. Your publisher will require a lot more from you than a good story.
  • Know that your body knows the best time of day to write, rest, take care of business and focus on some fun/rewards. Go with the flow of how you are feeling and you will have a productive day, every day.
  • Think about building your platform so that the world knows you are out there.

Jody B. Miller is the CEO of C2C Executive Search & Strategic Management. She also writes books about work/life balance, articles for The Huffington Post and LinkedIn about topics we think about (yet don't always talk about), and novels about love and friendship. Her new book; SHIFT, How to Find True Meaning in Your Work and in Your Life, will be in stores in late can pre-order a signed copy on my author website.

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