Keep the Momentum Going

One thing we know about politics, you are either moving forward, or you are falling behind. The progressive movement had what we want to believe was a seismic win on election day -- but it's really only seismic if it continues to reverberate.

So -- here's the next most immediate round: the Republicans aren't resting, they're trying to staunch the bleeding -- sending Dick Cheney out to help out in the runoff election in Louisiana this weekend. I won't repeat that Paul Carmouche needs our help to grab his seat. Putting aside the MN recount and today's GA run-off, this is the last election of 2008, and I want us to end it as winners.

Tomorrow, I'll have a post here at Huffington Post looking forward to what we can do next year on foreign policy, but let's make sure to finish this year strong. I sent out this email to some of the community, and I just wanted to flag it here at Huffington Post as well:

Victory is sweet, but we're not done yet. On November 4, you made history but even after today's election in Georgia and the recount in Minnesota, there's still one more fight in 2008.

Down in Louisiana, there's a runoff election in what the pundits like to call a "deeply red" district where Democrat Paul Carmouche is neck and neck WITH HIS REPUBLICAN OPPONENT. This is a district the Republicans consider so conservative that even Dick Cheney has been allowed to come in and campaign and the GOP candidate isn't running in the other direction! STILL, you are on the verge of turning one more piece of red America blue.

We need your help. Dick Cheney is working hard. We need to work harder. Dick Cheney needs to hear from you one last time before you send him home in January.

Please donate to Paul Carmouche's campaign today.

This is your chance to show that real change starts with the grass roots. We need to keep building the 21st century governing coalition that WILL keep progressives in power for years to come. This is no time to let up.

Let's end 2008 with one last message to Dick Cheney and the Republicans: Change is on the way. Please do what you can to help.

Please donate to Paul Carmouche's campaign today.

You've already made history this year. Now let's win one more race together. Thank you, John Kerry