Keep Up The Fight. Simonetta Lein The Wishmaker Meets Human Rights Activist Sara Baresi

As long as women remain unprotected we have to keep up the fight. Simonetta Lein

At the very beginning when I created my first blog, it was all about giving ordinary people the chance to express and share their wishes. My dream was to be able to empower people to think outside the box, realizing that nobody is really alone on this planet and that helping each other is sometimes easier than expected. One day I received a wish from a woman who wanted to give a nice Christmas dinner to families hit by the economic crisis in Italy. As usual I thought: What can I do? Then an idea sprang to mind: put her in contact with a man who is deeply committed to charity and lives in the same area.

They met up, and they were able to help some families. That was a beginning of a journey not only for me but also for this woman, who only later I was to discover was a real human rights activist.

Sara Baresi is a very humble woman, she's experienced some severe lows health-wise, yet no matter how poorly her health was, she always strove not to show it, and to keep up the fight for those she felt could do with more help. We started an intercontinental collaboration, I am in America and she is in Italy; I passed on to her my knowledge of the web and social media, she gave me her human rights expertise. We put them together and here we are, two women, united by a genuine goal: to see this world become a bit better. We have many human rights campaigns that have already been presented to the UN where she is often a guest with her association, Protea Human Rights, and we are excited as it grows from strength to strength. I was very curious myself to see what a true activist in the human rights arena has dreamed of and still dreams for the future.


When you were a child, did you wish for the career and for the life that you have
manifested today?

When I was a child I was hoping to do something important, something that would have allowed me to travel, to know more, to understand life better, to satisfy my endless curiosity about human beings and their culture, to understand people who speak very different languages, and above all to be useful to others.

** Sara speaks Italian, Arabic, French and English, and I am sure she is about to embark upon another. She showed me how it is possible to go beyond cultural barriers and health obstacles, to be recognized by large organizations and entities, with her sincere and deep interest in every aspect of human rights. I was always an activist myself but I did not really know it. It is also thanks to her that I established The Wishwall Foundation charitable organization with the purpose of helping meaningful wishes come true.

Name a wish that you had for your life or for humanity that finally came true.

Be a spokeswoman for the voiceless and fight for human rights. This passion became my job but it is still my deepest passion. It is something that shows more of what I am than of what I do.

** How important is to have that fire in your job. I know how hard it is. In every job, it takes time and unstinting dedication to reach a stable steady state and strive for the maximum in terms of achieving goals, but understanding what you really want to do in your life, understanding and heeding your calling, if you will, is an enormous benefit and possibly the key to a happy life. I speak with so many people and a common problem I see is that a lot of them do not really know what they want, what they would like to go for. Sara's words will I think encourage each and every one of you to seek out what really gives you that passion, and if you already have it to be very thankful. It is a great gift.

If you were granted one wish for humanity or for our planet, what would it be?

I dream of the elimination of any form of discrimination, because of sexual orientation, race, religion and I also dream that the diversity of each human being will be considered a value and not an aspect of vulnerability and that human dignity will be always guaranteed.

** We live in society that too often forgets that from diversity we created innovations, we created values, we created new frontiers. I still remember the first time I came to the US, as a European I was mesmerized walking the streets of New York City and looking at people of every possible race and have the perception that they were all considered Americans. America is a country based on immigrants and it happened to become the greatest country in human history. We must always fight for all possible rights and we can always do better. And this is often possible as history teaches us.
But diversity is a key to success, integration opens people minds. We should never forget this fundamental value.

If you could go back in time and ask one question from anyone from history, who would you want to meet and what question would you ask?

As a human rights activist I would have liked to meet Martin Luther King and ask him where he got all his strength and courage to continue to fight for his cause.
As a woman I would have asked to one of my favorite writers, Emily Brontë, from where she drew her inspiration.

** Often I think of the best people we had in the past. We tend to remember the glorious pieces of change they brought to our world, with human rights, with art, with every form of commitment to make this planet richer from a soul point of view. I sometimes focus on their difficulties, when I have mine I think the same of Sara: how did for example Martin Luther King keep on going, struggling discrimination, every possible barrier. It must have been very hard. Same thing with artists, to be always inspired to give something that will impact people. Because I experience it in my life I know the answer is that sometimes they must have been discouraged, they must have lost faith, they must have lost inspiration. It happens to everyone. What makes them incredible and what we should all try to do order to live this life to the fullest is to get back on track after we lose control, after we get discouraged. The only way to get that point is to find a true love for yourself and others, often God in every possible form you might see it. To have a higher purpose. At that point you will be able to see yourself as an actor of a theatrical scene called life where you can always start again, it is up to you.

Please tell me what influences your unique sense of style?

Simplicity. I believe that elegance is an expression of one's soul. I love the magnificence of black and also of the warm colors, typical of hot countries, that through my travel fill my eyes.

** This is a good advice. When you walk, when you travel if are lucky enough to do so, always look around. Forget your cellphone for a bit and get inspiration from what you see. Fashion is a form of living, it is art in movement. From now on, if you want to be even more fashionable, observe more and get inspiration. Sometimes a travel or observing a particular style could change the way you see yourself.

Who is your favorite fashion designer or brand right now and why?

My favorite designer is Giorgio Armani. I love his simplicity and elegance, soft lines, masculine clothes that become feminine with only a color or an accessory that you can add. A simple t-shirt that can be made elegant from a stylish jacket designed for women but with masculine lines.

** Contrasts in fashion are always a good point of attraction. Simplicity will attract to those particulars that you decide to add. Many times less is better than more, but remember accessories and well studied contrasts. At the end of the day fashion is a form of art.

What is your fashion mantra?

Be elegant. Whether you wear a white shirt with a pair of jeans or you are wearing an evening gown. Have elegant manners and movements, and give your soul to what you wear. As a woman be a woman, as a man be so.

** As a woman be a woman, as a man be so. A statement of something that is not to be taken for granted as a statement.

Do you have a final message for our readers?

I wish to engage readers in humanitarian efforts for the protection of human rights we are conducting with the association of which I am President, Protea Human Rights.I am excited to be interviewed by you Simonetta Lein The Wishmaker, a person with whom I collaborate through The Wishwall Foundation USA realizing projects for the protection of women and children with commitment and real passion.
We devised the "Women Wishwall" , a truly innovative idea that aims to collect the wishes of women around the world. We receive all kinds of wishes, from the protection of education rights for children, to the protection of women from all forms of violence, to protect human rights from pornography pointing to the right of oblivion as a fundamental human right, that often in that business is not protected like also the
regulation of this sector to safeguard the minors.Together with Simonetta Lein and The Wishwall Foundation we are committed to empowering women and protect them, realizing some major human rights campaigns that will be presented in every leading spaces and institutions as The Human Rights Council of United Nations of Geneva. We are organizing a Conference for the next UN session about women where we are going to bring the attention to the UN of all our projects regarding this matter. I ask you with all my heart to consider to sign an important petition that we created with the collaboration of about protecting human rights from pornography.
This is the link:

A simple signature can help a lot of women and children. We believe in the right of choice and we are not attacking this industry, we just ask for more regulation to protect those women who decide to change their life after participating in this industry and children who are too easily exposed to web sites without a proper control. Regulation will prevent many suicidal thoughts and depression, an issue that we believe too many people live and it is too often discussed.

** Thank you so much Sara, please join us to keep up the fight so that we can collect as many signatures as possible and make a real change when we will be face the UN. A big thanks also to Vikki Dark, a brilliant professional but most of all an ordinary woman who decided to bring this issue up into the Woman Wishwall project donating her personal experience and story. We can keep on changing things for the better only if everyone of us contributes bringing his or her personal wish, story, beliefs, only if we want to fight together according with the fundamental philosophy of the Wishwall Foundation: Pay it forward.

Please sign this petition and share it and come to express and share your wish to inspire others and
pay it forward.

As always make your dreams come true.

From Philadelphia, Simonetta Lein The Wishmaker


Credits: William Russell Edu Collaborator.


Simonetta Lein

Sara Baresi

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