Keep Your Dog Leash

People are always asking me what to keep and what to toss and how do you make that determination. I start by asking myself am I regularly using it? Next I ask is this a 10 on a scale of 1-10? If not I delete it, toss it or donate it. My home and office are pretty close to 100% usability and 10's, except this one particular item.

I keep saying I want to have a dog someday. Years ago (close to 20) my friend gave me a beautiful dog leash when I was assisting in training her puppy. And I still have it. So why am I still keeping that dog leash? No idea. Perhaps it is somehow keeping the idea alive?

Actually that dog leash has come in handy a few times, once when walking on the hiking trail, my friend forget her dog's leash and I had mine and another time my friend's dog got loose and I happened to have the leash in my trunk that allowed us to retrieve her. Then recently a very fun adventure took place that once again gave use to this 20 year old dog leash.

I watched from my office window on a Saturday morning an unfamiliar dog walking down my long driveway. And at the same time I heard a woman calling the dog's name. I live next to a bike path. I went out, called to the woman and opened the bike path gate for her. She came in with two small dogs on a leash and a two and a half year old boy. We chased her third leash-less dog around my yard. At one point it ran into my open door, around the house and back out when she could finally grab him. Then she looked at me with this face that looked rather hopeless as she said "I don't have a leash." But I do, said I and went inside to grab it. Then as quickly as she arrived, off she went with her three dogs (ALL on leashes) and her toddler son walking next to his stroller, late for a birthday party.

So did I keep that leash for that person all these years later? Who knows? But the spontaneous fun and adventure of it all makes my heart sing. If the leash is returned, I will probably still keep it. And perhaps it is gone and she was the one who needed to intervene to allow me to let it go.

PS I arrived home late last night from a trip and the dog leash greeted me.

Martha Invitations

1. What in your life is not in use and not a 10? Let it go!

2. If there is something you are not using but it is a 10 and your intuition says to keep it, go ahead. (Be discerning or the "unused" can overtake your life.)

3. Stay open to wonderful surprise adventures.