4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Flowers Alive Longer

Keep your flowers alive longer with these 4 easy tips.

Are you tired of getting a gorgeous bouquet or buying flowers at the grocery store just to see them die within a few days? You can extend the life of your flowers for 3, 5, even 7 days by following these simple instructions.

1. Trim the stems when you get home, and every day after. First thing you should do when you get home with your flowers is to trim their stems. You can cut as much as you need to make them a nice height in your vase. Just be sure to edit out any leaves that may be touching the water as the extra foliage may have bacteria that can increase spoilage in the water. Repeat this step for as many days as you keep the flowers!

2. Change the water every day. Best practice is to dump out that old water and put in fresh, clean, cold water every day. This one small step makes a huge difference!

3. Rinse the vase, rinse the stems. Additionally, I like to rinse the vase a few times before putting in the final round of new, fresh water. This helps wash away any leftover "gunk" on that dirty rim around the vase where the water sat. I also run the flower stems under fresh water to eliminate any additional buildup!

4. Avoid extremes in temperature. Just like humans, flowers aren't happy if they get too cold or too hot. Avoid putting your flowers in direct contact with the fan of a blowing, cold air conditioner or near a drafty door on cold winter days. Also avoid putting your flowers near overly warm places, such as on or near a heater.

That's really all it takes! These are very easy and effective steps for getting your flowers to last more than a day. No need for aspirin, flower food, or any other manmade substance. However, if you are feeling a bit experimental, add a tiny drop of bleach into the fresh water to further help ward off any bacteria.

Happy flowers are freshly trimmed and watered each day.

If you're buying your own flowers, the very first step to long-lasting flowers is of course first picking healthy, strong, viable blooms. The care they're given once you get home is also a huge factor in how long they'll last. Always consider contacting your local florist for advice, they will be more than happy to assist.

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