Keep your money. This non profit wants your heart for Giving Tuesday (literally)

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As the world gears up for Giving Tuesday, thousands of non-profits around the globe are preparing to hit their base hard for that end of year influx of donations that so many organizations depend on.

Fun fact: 1/3rd of NGO donations come in December, with 12% coming in the last 3 days!

That why it is so refreshing to see a non-profit doing something different and more meaningful than simply asking you to open your wallet.

Instead of requesting donations this Giving Tuesday, the American Society of Transplantation (AST), in partnership with ORGANIZE, are encouraging individuals impacted by an organ donation or transplant to use the power of storytelling to film a short gratitude video to raise awareness about the importance of registering to be an organ donor at

If you visit the link, you will already see hundreds of videos from organ recipients who are thanking their organ donors for giving them the greatest gift of

The objective of the campaign is to help educate and engage audiences around the critical need for organ transplant research, donation and to give them a free way to be engaged on the national holiday of giving back: Giving Tuesday. Recipients of organ transplants share their powerful stories through a series of 2 mins long testimonials expressing their gratitude for their donor and donor families.

Additionally, educational resources about the desperate need for research is embedded in the online portal hosted by Tribute. Over 700,000 Americans have received a life-saving organ transplants but they do not last for a lifetime. Most patients will require a second or third transplant due to organ rejection – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

“We want patients to have one transplant for life.” said Ronald Gill, PhD and President of AST. “Through our Power2Save (hyperlink) program, we want to eliminate the problem of organ rejection which results in death for some patients and forces other organ recipients to face risk of a second transplant procedure, ultimately decreasing the demand for organs.”

On average, a transplanted kidney lasts 15 years but organ rejection can threaten the life span by seven and half years. However, transplantation research can change this reality and offer better outcomes for organ recipients.

If you are inspired by the campaign or know someone that has been impacted by organ transplantation, you can upload your own organ transplant gratitude video, via Power2Save and you can learn more about becoming an organ donor at ORGANIZE.

Before you get completely swept up in the consumer madness of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all else...take 60 seconds to sign up as an organ donor.

Consider it your holiday gift to humanity.