Keeping Your Home Cool: Tricks For Staying Comfortable In The Summer Heat

These simple tips for keeping cool will help you even in the balmy temperatures we've been experiencing in the last week. Let's hope it carries on for a bit longer!
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We've all been enjoying the recent hot weather, but sometimes it gets too much.
And for those whose businesses rely on balanced temperature, it becomes imperative to find ways to make it work.
In addition, we sometimes need to retreat back into our homes to stay comfortable and cool. Check out my top tricks for keeping your home cool during the heat wave.

1. Get Smart With Bedding
Switching your sheets to cotton during the summer months is a great idea as this breathable material stays cooler than satin, silk or polyester options. For an especially cool and comfortable slumber, invest in 'smart beddings' such as The Fine Bedding Company's Breathe Duvet and Cool Touch pillow, both of which have unique temperature control action.

2. Get Planting
For a long-term solution, planting trees in front of light-facing windows and vines over verandas will help to shade your house and prevent the sun's glare from entering and overheating your rooms. In these months where folks complain of itchy eyes and running noses, It's also necessary to monitor the air we breathe especially while indoors.

Research show that people spend more than three-quarters of their lives indoors and thus plants like ferns are considered exceptionally proficient in indoor air purification and cooling. So get planting.

3. Dine Alfresco
Your kitchen easily heats up the rest of your home when you're cooking. As often as you can, stick to cold food like salads in the hot weather, and if you want hot food, fire up the barbecue.
Cooking and dining outside will keep your house from warming up, and you get to make the most of the hot weather.

4. Keep your conservatory cool
Conservatories are notorious for getting too hot in the summer. The large window panes cause sun to stream through and heat up the room. That's where blinds are perfect for keeping your conservatory cool. Duette blinds have a honeycomb design which stops heat from coming into your conservatory. They keep as much as 78% of heat outside, and will reduce the sun's glare by up to 99%.
In the summer, the conservatory can overheat, whilst in the winter it can be difficult to keep warm without suitable heating controls.

5. Let Air Circulate
Although window blinds will help keep your home cool, you should also make sure air can circulate around. Keep plants planted as well as windows and doors open so you get a good natural air flow going.
This helps with proper balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

6. Keep An Optimal Climate In Your Home Office
Keeping rooms at a consistent temperature, regardless of the weather outside, as well as allowing fresh air and light into the room is key to creating a comfortable environment and boosting concentration levels when you're working or studying.
Whether your kids are revising or you're catching up on some work at home, you all will need a cool and calming atmosphere to be at your most productive.

7. Make Your Bedroom Comfortable
There's nothing worse than the feeling of going to bed hot. Sometimes opening the windows just won't cut it.
Blackout blinds are perfect for keeping the hot air out and helping you get a good night's sleep. Blackout blinds that block out 99% of the sun's rays so you won't be disturbed by the heat or glare. Having flowers that enable free flow of air also helps keep the room more comfortable.
There's nothing better than having peace and quiet when you need it most. Bedtime is one of these times. Relax in comfort with stunning energy saving window blinds, as they absorb up to 45% of unwanted noises.

8. Turn The Lights Off
It sounds obvious, but light bulbs give off heat so take advantage of the longer sunshine filled summer days and utilise the abundance of natural light as much as possible.
Keep rooms cool after dark (and save energy!) by only using lights minimally or not at all and be sure to unplug electronics and small appliances which also give off heat, even when turned off.

These simple tips for keeping cool will help you even in the balmy temperatures we've been experiencing in the last week. Let's hope it carries on for a bit longer!

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