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Tired of the rat race, looking to eliminate stress, worry over family, health, work and finances? Want to stop smoking, lose weight, find true love? Looking to improve relationships with your kids or parents, want to feel more relaxed? Desire a fit, flexible and creative mind poised to seize new challenges?

If you're ready to take this transformative journey -- there's no time like the present.

Fold up January's list of New Year's resolutions in a tight little wad and pack it away out of sight. You don't need it.

Most resolutions aren't kept resulting in stress and a sense of failure. Many of them haven't changed in decades. The explanation -- they're just a list of the most pressing challenges you face on a regular basis. They are in your face all the time!

Bothers and concerns that constantly assail you don't appear via spontaneous combustion. They're the result of years of living by reaction and response -- not reflection and introspection.

Reader's of my articles know I advocate taking your life off auto pilot -- grabbing the wheel and engaging your mind!

The best part -- it's so easy and the rewards are immeasurable.

Let me be up-front. Making lasting changes isn't a one-step, immediate-gratification process. It takes time, patience and commitment. Life is complex. I won't tell you that in Three Easy Steps your existence will be changed forever. That's disingenuous and nonsense.

The great news is that using Mind Acrobatics™ you'll begin an adventure! In fact 'the process of getting there' is enjoyable and just as much fun as achieving your goals.

So what's the secret that will unleash this treasure trove of a new and improved life?

It starts with the key that holds your unique DNA . Use it to unlock the 'steel box' barring access to the creative labyrinth that resides inside your subconscious.


Mind Acrobatics are goal oriented visualizations and excursions that liberate you. They all begin with the positive -- what's going right in your life!

Ponder this -- do you spend more time thinking about what's great at the moment or what's troubling you? On which would you rather focus?

Let's get started. We'll begin with a Mind Acrobatics exercise. As always, read it first and then find a suitable time to enjoy it.

Mind Acrobatics Exercise #1: "My Ideal Vacation!"

Time Needed: About 20 Minutes.

Materials: Pen and paper or journal.

Location: Wherever you like.

You're about to plan the vacation of a lifetime. Time and money are no object!

  • Seat yourself comfortably.
  • Smile and give yourself a hug.
  • Close your eyes. Take seven slow, breaths and feel yourself relax.
  • Start planning your vacation -- what's the location? Traveling alone, with a friend or loved one?
  • What's first on your list of adventures? How about cuisine and climate?
  • Exotic looking men or women there? Considering a guilt-free fling -- why not?
  • Use your imagination for another minute and then stop. Stand up and stretch.
Great, you've begun to visualize the vacation of which you always dreamed.
In a moment it will begin!

  • Sit back down with your pen and journal.
  • Smile and hug yourself again, then close your eyes.
  • Now take your vacation.
  • Let your mind roam to where you are and what you're doing.
  • Allow yourself the freedom to experience unbridled passion, pleasure and fulfillment.
  • You're on Fantasy Island. Wish and it will come true.
  • Now write in stream of consciousness a brief diary of all you're doing on this glorious vacation.
  • Stop when the moment feels right.

Congratulations. You've begun your journey towards life transformation. Hopefully you enjoyed the brief excursion. Did you feel any guilt for not having completed one of your New Year's resolutions? Of course not. And it gets more rewarding moving forward.

You've had a good time, gotten in touch with forgotten dreams, explored a few inner drives and begun the process of becoming reacquainted with the most important person. You!


You've embarked on the creation of a blueprint for living positively and with great joy!

So what's next -- one more Mind Acrobatics exercise for now.

Mind Acrobatics Exercise #2: "It's All Good"

Time, Material and Location are all the same.

  • Sit back down, do your hug and slow breaths.
  • Close your eyes and think about everything that's good in your life -- all that makes you smile.
  • What do you enjoy most; family, food, working out, friends, lovers, your pet?
  • After your mind roams for a couple of minutes, open your eyes.
  • Grab your pen and journal.
  • Write in stream of consciousness all that enhances and brings joy to your life.
  • Keep writing until the ideas stop flowing.
Fantastic! You have now set the stage to make fulfilling changes in your life. You've become mindful of all the rewarding things that bring you satisfaction.

This is vital because while it's often more common to focus on the negative -- it's so much easier to build from the positive.

If you're beginning to get the Mind Acrobatics 'Feel Good Buzz', you're in for a real treat.

Continue to explore your inner-self and the incredibly transformative experiences waiting for you. As you are empowered with self-knowledge you'll find great pleasure in living 'the real you' authentically and with purpose!

Here's your goal for the next seven days. Keep a small journal with you and every time you have a positive thought write it down. You can use a keyword or phrase. Simply something you'll have to refer to in our next encounter.

And as for those New Year's resolutions -- they're going to fade into the ether as you begin to re-experience the joy of living from the inside out.

I look forward to our next meeting and continuing the journey to self-enlightenment, reduced stress and increased happiness through flexing our creative minds!

Remember -- life is short -- spread joy -- find the humor -- & have fun!

Excerpted and adapted from the forthcoming book: Mind Acrobatics... Transformation From The Inside Out! By Dave Kanegis


Dave Kanegis is a Certified Professional Coach and works via telephone, Skype, FaceTime and in-person. He provides concierge coaching in NYC and Palm Beach.

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