Ke$ha Gives Fan Tattoo (VIDEO)

A big fan gets a Ke$ha tattoo. A SUPER fan gets a tattoo from Ke$ha. Well, a SUPER fan who is okay with having a subpar tattoo gets one from Ke$ha, anyway.

The singer posted this video to her Facebook profile of herself marking up a dedicated fan with her safety pin, giving her dollar sign to the emotional, fawning fan.

Ke$ha has talked about giving safety pin tattoos before, telling Paper Magazine:

"A friend of mine told me you can [create a tattoo] with pen ink and a safety pin and I was like 'That's amazing. I could give tattoos at anywhere in the world at any hotel.' I saw this hot dude recently and I gave him a tattoo sitting in the lobby of the hotel. I was just like 'Can I borrow a pen and a sewing kit?' I think I got an admirer out of that one."