Keira Knightley Was Bizarrely Mistaken For A Pop Star And Went With It Anyway

"It was a weird one," the British actress told "Late Late Show" host James Corden.

Keira Knightley readily admits that people often confuse her with other actresses.

Knightley, star of “Colette,” revealed on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Late Late Show” that she’s been approached by folks who mistakenly think she is Kate Winslet, Rachel Weisz or Natalie Portman.

But a person in a store once asked her to pose for a photograph ― believing she was pop star Britney Spears, Knightley told host James Corden.

“It was a weird one,” Knightley said. She posed for the snap as Spears anyway.

Corden cackled at the revelation. “I would love to see that person with their friends,” he joked.

Check out the clip here: