Fox News' Keith Ablow: Joe Biden Showed Signs Of Dementia At Vice-Presidential Debate

Fox News Doctor Makes Unbelievable Claim About Joe Biden

Fox News' Keith Ablow suggested that Joe Biden showed signs of dementia or may have been drunk at Thursday's vice-presidential debate.

Ablow, a controversial psychiatrist who contributes to Fox News, delivered his assessment on Sunday. He is perhaps best remembered for arguing that seeing Chaz Bono on "Dancing With the Stars" would make children reconsider their own gender, and suggesting that Newt Gingrich's infidelity might make him a better president.

"I did not evaluate Joe Biden," Ablow said on Sunday, "but if someone said to me, we want you to do what's really required to know what happened there, you have to put dementia on the differential diagnosis."

Later, he also threw out drunkenness as a possibility. "I'm speaking as a psychiatrist today, you didn't call me in as a political strategist," Ablow said. "So, you'd want his alcohol level. Why? Because he was that bizarre."

Watch his comments about Biden in the clip above, via Think Progress.

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