Fox News' Keith Ablow Tries To Blame Michael Brown's Stepfather For His Death

Keith Ablow Blames Michael Brown's Stepfather For Death

Fox News' Dr. Keith Ablow may have reached a new low.

The psychiatrist joined "Fox & Friends" Wednesday morning to discuss whether or not Louis Head, the stepfather of slain teenager Michael Brown, should be charged with inciting a riot during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Ablow, however, took it to the next level, implying that Head might actually be partially responsibly for his stepson's death.

"I would question that whether having a stepfather like Michael Brown's, this man who should be charged with attempting to incite a riot, influenced Michael Brown to lose his life," he said, "to have no respect for the property of others, no respect for authority, and therefore to find himself engaged in a mortal conflict with an officer of the law."

But Ablow didn't stop there. Following a clip of former detective Ted Williams saying that charging Brown's stepfather would be like "pouring kerosene on a fire" in Ferguson, and pushback from the show's hosts, Ablow continued to pile the blame on Head.

"For me, by the way, the fact that he is the stepfather makes him culpable potentially for more than just those words, for the life of Michael Brown," he said. "And his death.”

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