Keith Bardwell Explains Refusal To Perform Interracial Marriage (VIDEO)

Keith Bardwell Explains Refusal To Perform Interracial Marriage (VIDEO)

The Louisiana Justice of the Peace who refused to perform an interracial marriage was interviewed on CBS News Monday morning and tried to explain his actions.

Bardwell explained that he had seen "countless" interracial couples where the children were rejected by family members, and he didn't want to see that happen again. He defended himself by pointing out that he did not prevent the couple from getting married; he merely would not do it himself. Asked if he would refuse to perform a marriage for any other reason, he said no, but then corrected himself.

"One of them is intoxicated or seems to be or on drugs or whatever, yeah, I can recuse myself and make them come back when they're in a sober state," he added.

At the end of the segment, Bardwell asked to say one more thing.

"I'm sorry that I offended the couple, but I did help them and tell them who to go to," he said. "And they went and got married, and they should be happily married and I don't see what the problem is now."

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