Keith Lukas Called Florida Sheriff's Office 2,927 Times

A Florida man wasn't happy with the way the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office treated him and wasn't afraid to tell them -- 2,297 times.

Keith Lukas, 43, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to calling the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office non-emergency line a total of 2,927 times between May 1, 2012, and Dec. 5, 2013.

When Lukas called, he would belittle the dispatchers and use vulgar language while griping about how the Sheriffs had treated him in the past, WTSP-TV reported.

Lukas has past arrests for battery, DUI, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, according to NBC Miami.

Authorities said Lukas would typically call several times a day. Sometimes, he would eventually hang up. Other times, dispatchers disconnected him after determining he did not need police or medical help, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Lukas was sentenced to probation. As part of the plea deal, he promised he would only contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office if he had a legitimate need for law enforcement or medical services, according to

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed the amount of times Lukas called as 2,297.



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