Keith Olbermann: Redskins' Name Will Be Eventually Changed By Dan Snyder ... For Money

One day after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that the NFL should be willing to listening to just one person offended by the name of the Washington Redskin, Keith Olbermann became just one person with an ESPN program to rail against what he calls "the last racist name you can say in the office without getting fired."

Along with providing a brief and fascinating history of the team's name (and the false "chiefs" associated with it through the years), Olbermann contended that franchise owner Dan Snyder will eventually do the right thing ... for the money. Earlier this year, Snyder famously vowed to "never" change the name of his football team.

Do Goodell's latest statements mean the writing is on the wall? Will Snyder continue to resist the leaving the vestiges of Tammany Hall behind? Can RG3 really make the difference?



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