Keith Olbermann, Bill Maher Shout At 'Typical Republican Voter' (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann appeared on Bill Maher's show Friday night, and Maher enlisted his guest for a comedy bit where they yelled at a "typical Republican voter" who was literally encased in a bubble.

The bit emanated from Maher's "New Rules" segment, where he said that it had become impossible to "dialogue" with Republicans because they were disconnected from reality. Maher then said that, to be fair, he should try to talk to a Republican voter. And, what do you know! He had one right there, a "systems analyst from Irvine" named Bob, sitting docilely in a bubble.

"Keith, you should come over here!" Maher said. "I know you have experience talking to typical Republican voters. Surely if we stick to irrefutable facts we can get through to him."

The two then proceeded to shout different things at Bob, such as the fact that taxes are at their lowest level in 50 years, or that Ronald Reagan raised taxes. A peek inside the bubble revealed that Bob was only hearing elevator music, not his two increasingly harried hosts.

Olbermann eventually called Bob an "information-free, bleach-drinking halfwit," before shouting, "wrestling is fake!" to end the show.