Keith Olbermann Caught Saying About Mike Murphy: "Let's Wrap Him Up" (VIDEO)

In what may have been a moment of an unknown open microphone during Wednesday night's DNC coverage on MSNBC, anchor Keith Olbermann vocally asked to wrap NBC News and MSNBC contributor Mike Murphy. Reports surfaced earlier that Olbermann had Murphy banned from the primetime coverage Monday (explained as technical difficulties), and Murphy was also missing Tuesday night. A Republican political consultant who joined the network's payroll in July, Murphy is in Denver for the convention coverage.

On Monday night Olbermann was heard, while off camera, telling guest Joe Scarborough to "get a shovel."

As Murphy sat with with Harold Ford, Jr and talked with Chris Matthews about Hillary Clinton liking John McCain, Olbermann, off camera, can be heard loudly saying, "Let's wrap him up, all right?"

Watch or scroll for trascript:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me ask you Mike: are we to, to place the credibility of you as a pundit on your belief, that you've just asserted, that the Clintons will vote for John McCain?

MURPHY: Absolutely. I really believe Hillary Clinton will vote for McCain. Look, they're friends. [Crowd boos]. Ah, come on, don't shout me down: let me talk. I mean come on, this is, you guys are so in the tank we ought to be filming this on a submarine. The fact is, Barack Obama, to his credit, has moved closer to Hillary Clinton and John McCain on foreign policy, Hillary and John McCain have worked --

MATTHEWS: That's an argument -- that's not what I'm asking you.

MURPHY: I really believe --

MATTHEWS: Mike, let me get back to --

KEITH OLBERMANN (OFF CAMERA): Let's wrap him up, alright?