Keith Olbermann Interviews A 'Clown' And A 'Witch' About Christine O'Donnell (VIDEO)

In one of the stranger takes on the continuing saga of Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, Keith Olbermann invited a "clown" and a "witch" on Tuesday's "Countdown" to discuss the recent surge in clown-and-witch-related stories surrounding O'Donnell.

Olbermann started the segment by talking about O'Donnell's recent ad, which begins with the Republican assuring viewers, "I am not a witch." He then brought up the fact that O'Donnell's father, who was a professional clown, had been incorrectly identified as playing Bozo the Clown, when in fact he was only a fill-in.

To discuss these issues, Olbermann then brought on...a clown and a witch. Sort of. The clown and witch were played by comedian Angry Bob and Village Voice columnist Michael Musto, respectively. Both committed themselves to their roles, with "Bozo" expressing indignation about the incorrect statements regarding O'Donnell's father, and Musto the witch insisting that the candidate was lying about her lack of sorcery. Olbermann kept a mostly straight face throughout.