Keith Olbermann On Current TV? Reports Swirl Around Tuesday's Announcement

Keith Olbermann's New Gig, According To Report

Keith Olbermann may be going to Current TV, The New York Times reported on Monday night, according to those familiar with the matter.

The Times reported that Olbermann, his representatives and Current TV executives all would not comment on the move ahead of Tuesday's 11 a.m. Eastern Time press conference.

Current TV is a public affairs channel which was co-founded by Vice President Al Gore. If Olbermann goes there, he would be landing at a much smaller channel than his former home, MSNBC. (The Times notes that Current is only available in 60 million homes, whereas MSNBC is available in 85 million homes.) He would also not be able to start for some months; the deal he made with MSNBC upon his departure stipulated that he not appear on television for at least half a year. But the move would allow Olbermann to potentially bring a whole new audience to Current.

Olbermann abruptly left MSNBC following his last "Countdown" show on Jan. 21.

The Times notes Olbermann could separately pursue other ventures, perhaps online, while working with Current TV.

The Wrap has speculated Olbermann could be interested in starting his own media empire. Mediate says that the domain names “” and “” were registered in January.

There's been silence on Olbermann's Twitter feed since he joked a few hours ago, "OK it's true! I've signed with the Yankees. I'm competing with Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon for the 5th Starter's job."

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