Keith Olbermann Does The View: Explains Why He Doesn't Vote, Says Sarah Palin Has TV Future

Keith Olbermann, who just signed a 4-year contract extension with MSNBC, visited the ladies of "The View" Monday morning, where he discussed, among other things, Sarah Palin's future and why he doesn't vote.

"For my political point of view, I hope she stays exactly where she is," Olbermann said of Palin. "Because she's an unending font of material."

Olbermann also said that the former Alaska sportscaster has a future in the TV business.

"I think she's gonna wind up in television, and she's gonna kick all of our butts," he said.

The ladies also pressed Olbermann on his decision not to vote.

"I don't vote," Olbermann said, saying it is the only thing he can do to suggest journalistic objectivity. "It's a symbolic gesture."

Watch as Joy calls him a bad role model for not voting, while Barbara says, "Forgive me, master...I just don't want to be the Worst Person this week."