Keith Olbermann Breaks Down How The Media Now Needs To Handle Donald Trump

"The America media continues to adhere to some fanciful, noble but stupid conception of balance."

Keith Olbermann has urged the American media to radically change the way it covers President Donald Trump’s administration.

In his latest clip for GQ’s “The Resistance” series, the former MSNBC and ESPN journalist blasted news organisations for sticking to the “fanciful, noble but stupid conception of balance” while Trump just “laughs at them.”

Instead of broadcasting the “lies within lies within lies” that are regularly put out by Trump and members of his government, Olbermann suggested reporters should be “boycotting these people outright.”

And when faced with media blackouts of White House press briefings, he encouraged journalists to record them anyway, as one reporter did Wednesday when she live-streamed the event — or just to walk out.

Trump had “declared war on the freedom of the press and freedom of speech” in the U.S., Olbermann said. And it was now time for the media to “fight back.”

“Stop making sure your coverage is balanced by countering everybody reporting the truth with somebody else who is lying,” he said. “War has been declared against the values of this country by the man in charge of this country.”

“Fight back while you still can,” Olbermann added.



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